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Best Juicer for Celery

Awesome 10 Best Juicer for Celery Reviews of 2020

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Who doesn’t know the wellbeing of the celery!

This fibrous leaves getting popular nowadays to the young generation like me as well as old like my granny for its super healing power of skin, boosting digestion, strengthing bone, and so on!

Usually, I like to consume a glass of fresh greeny celery juice along with ginger, lemon crush and a little bit of honey made my day accelerating for a long time.

By consuming this herb juice here you get the best nutrition from the best use of the extract. So in this aspect, I love to use the best juicer for celery. If you are tough to find the best one this review might help you. Check this out.

Top 10 Juicer for Celery Quick Comparison Chart

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10 Top-rated Best Juicer for Celery Reviews 2020


01. KOIOS – High Juice Yield Juicer

When I made my mind to make a list of the best celery juicer, that one name I couldn’t resist to put on the top is the KOIOS Juicer.

The specialty of this juicer is its versatile capability of extracting juice from different kinds of vegetables and fruits. Even the hard vegetables are not much of a challenge for it.

As it contains the low-speed juicing system which is 80 RPM, that allows it to maintain the higher nutritional value in a proper manner, unlike any other regular centrifugal juicers.

Moreover, it assures a great percentage of juice yield, which is up to 80%, and undoubtedly, it maximized nutrition extraction to a greater extent.

It takes a very small amount of time for the juicing operation in comparison with the other juicer of the same kind. Another good aspect of it is, the assembling process of this juicer is one of the easiest around.

Along with that, the cleaning up process of this juicer highly convenient which also saves you valuable time. The sound of the level of this juicer is kept within the minimum level while juicing up the vegetables.

What makes it worth buying

  • It operates very quickly.
  • Assembling it is very easy.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is quiet.


  • For some vegetables, you might have to cut them into pieces for a better amount of juice.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

As one of the best celery juicer KOIOS Juicer has all relevant features to get you the right performance and I believe it’s worth the shot.

02. Omega Dual-Stage Slow Speed Juicer

 The next name I’d like to take on the list of Top-Rated Juicer for Celery is this J8006HDS. This impressive piece of technology has the required features to get you the right performance against your daily requirements.

The best thing about this juicer is it uses a low speed, which is 80 RPM that ensures minimal heat and ultimately promotes healthy enzymes.

It is capable of maximizing the nutrient level along with the vitamins while extracting the juice. Moreover, the taste and amount of juice are also kept up to the mark for any of the regular users.

For hard vegetables and ingredients, this one considered to be a great one of the juicer families. It makes sure that the sound level while operating is kept within the minimum so that noise doesn’t cause any irritation to anyone around.

Hard vegetables are easier than ever to juice up with this juicer and it also gets maximum output from these vegetables. Unlike most of the regular juicers, this juicer requires both minimum time and effort to get cleaned in the best manner.

It has a drier pulp that adds an extra edge to its overall performance.

What makes it worth buying

  • It operates quietly.
  • Hard vegetables can be used here for juice extraction
  • It is easy to clean up.
  • It has a drier pulp.


  • Due to having a smaller mouth, you may have to put some fruit by cutting them into pieces.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

This J8006HDS model deserves to be on the list of Top-Rated Juicer for Celery and you will clearly understand it more once you get one.

03. Aicok Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

The next one on my list is the Aicok Slow Masticating celery juicer. This piece of technology is containing all the relevant features of an efficient celery juicer.

Like any of the best Celery juicers, this one is made for multi-purpose that includes both vegetables and fruits.

Another amazing thing about this machine is, it is good at maintaining higher nutritional value. With the spinning auger at 80 RPM, this machine ensures the preservation of the enzymes and minerals along with the vitamins.

Moreover, along with keeping oxidation to the minimal, it ensures low heat building up as well.

Unlike the centrifugal juicers, it can ensure you the higher juicer yield. It keeps you away from the hassle of assembling as it is super easy to assemble and the same thing when it comes to cleaning the juicer up.

If you have faced problems clogging in a juicer then the good news is, it is a juicer with no clogging. Due to being an efficient juicer, it generates less foam and keeps it in its regular form. It is one of the juicers with the easiest function and also keeps quiet while juicing.

What makes it worth buying

  • It is very easy to assemble and clean.
  • No clogging.
  • It generates less foam.
  • It is easy to and quiet.


  • Disassembling can be a little challenging for some people.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

The Aicok Slow Masticating celery juicer surely can get you a great juicing experience. So, you can surely consider it as a reliable option.

04. KOIOS Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

KOIOS has always tried its best to render efficient juicing machinery and KOIOS Fruit and Vegetable Juicer are surely one of its great examples of so.

The major feature of the juicer that has made one of the top listed juicers is its multi-application. As one of the perfect juicer for celery, it is capable of extracting juice not only from any kind of fibrous fruits but also vegetables.

Moreover, ensures higher nutritional value in a better way than any other centrifugal juicer. One of the best things about this juicer is, it is super easy to assemble, so you can be sure that you can do it all by yourself.

As it generates less than 60db, it’s not going to cause any noise around you. It makes sure that the sound level stays within the level of quiet, that it doesn’t cause any irritation to anyone around.

The juicer doesn’t allow the heat to cross a certain limit so that you can get cold juice right after the machine is done with the juicing, maybe not freezer cold but cold enough to drink it up instantly.

It generates the minimum amount of foam so that you can be sure that the amount of extracted juice is right on the perfect proportion.

It avoids the complication of the operation process and anyone with enough idea about juicer can put it on the action.

Moreover, the cleaning process isn’t going to spoil much of your time as that is super easy as well.

What makes it worth buying

  • It operates quietly.
  • It keeps the heat to the minimum.
  • It doesn’t generate much of a foam.
  • It is easy to operate and clean up.


  • In the case of juicing some fruits, some juice remains inside. But it is nothing major.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

The KOIOS Fruit and Vegetable Juicer are undoubtedly worthy to be considered as an ideal juicer for any family and I believe you won’t be disappointed after getting one.

05. Breville BJE200XL Compact Celery Juicer

What draws my attention the most after the performance level in Breville BJE200XL Compact Celery Juicer is its look.

It’s simple yet elegant look is something that makes me feel that it can just be the right one for any family kitchen.

This piece of technology is really good at its job and that is making juice. Moreover, it has a 700-watt motor that is capable of operating at 14000 RPM that ensures the maximum extraction.

One of the best things about this juicer is if you won’t put the juicer cover in place along with locking the arm properly, it won’t get started. Its amazingly constructed body ensures the extraction of juice up to 30% along with 40% more vitamins.

The powerful motor within this machine is a beautiful piece of tech that has maximized the level of efficiency of it’s in juicing and has perfected it as a juicer.

Moreover, the cleaning neither is something that you can define with the term ‘complicated’ as anyone can get it done within the minimum amount of time.

Its large feeding tube has surely added an extra edge of perfection to this beautiful machine and has made it better for anyone who’s looking for a perfect juicer.

The overall structure of this juicer is made in a way where it’s not going to let the juice spill over and ruin your beautiful countertop.

What makes it worth buying

  • It has a very powerful motor that makes juicing more efficient.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It has a very large feeding tube.
  • The juice doesn’t spill over the counter.


  • The noise level might be a little high for some people.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a powerful juicer that is capable of rendering efficient performance for an entire family, then I believe the Breville BJE200XL Compact Celery Juicer can be the perfect choice for you.

06. Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer

If you are thinking about getting a cheap juicer for celery which will also be efficient at the same time, then the Mueller Austria Ultra can be considered as one of the strongest contenders in the race.

The First thing that was capable of drawing my attention was its Large Feed Chute. Due to having a large feed chute, it became really easy for anyone to put bigger fruit pieces in the juicer for the perfect extraction.

This also means it will give a better performance when it comes to smaller fruits and vegetables. The juice yield is also great with this juicer.

With the spinning at 60 RPM, it ensures the extraction of 60% more juice, along with 50% more vitamins than any other centrifugal juicer. One of the most unique features that have been added to this amazing machine is its safety sensor and doesn’t allow you to get it activated until all the parts are installed in a perfect manner.

It is super easy to use as it avoids any kind of complication while operating and extracts the juice out of any celery juicer. Another aspect that I surely can’t avoid saying is its durability.

It is built in a way to stick around for a pretty long time, though to a certain extent it depends on the way you are working with it. The level of noise was also one of the major concerns when this juicer was being made. So the manufacturer has made sure that

What makes it worth buying

  • Its safety sensor ensures the proper installation of every part.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is durable
  • It doesn’t make much of a noise.


  • Due to having too many parts, some might consider it a little hazardous to clean up.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

The Mueller Austria Ultra has all the required potential to be used in a family and get you a proper juicing experience.

07. Aobosi – Cold Press Juicer Machine

When your search is about a good Masticating Celery Juicing Machine, then Aobosi Juicer is something can fulfill your expectation quite up to the mark.

Like any of the juicers for celery, this one is capable of extracting juice from both fruits and vegetables. It makes sure that taste, color, vitamins & nutrients of the juice remain natural to the highest extent.

Moreover, it keeps the foam to the minimum. Another good thing about this juicer is it ensures high juice yield maintains the nutritional value along with it.

Its 80 RPM spinning gets you the 20% more juice and 30% vitamins & minerals, which is surely better than any other centrifugal juicer. The level of heat is something that can cause a problem in any of the regular juicers, but not in this one.

It doesn’t allow to get the heat to take place within when the vegetables are being converted into juice. Moreover, the level of oxidation with this juicer is also kept to the minimum level possible.

Along with that, the level of safety has also got the maximum level of concern with a view to not let any harm take place while it is being operated.

What makes it worth buying

  • It doesn’t let the heat build-up.
  • It ensures less oxidation.
  • It is safe to use.
  • It operates quietly.


  • Due to having a small chute, you will have to cut some bigger fruits into pieces to make the juice.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

As a celery juicer, the Aobosi Juicer is surely one of a suitable option and I don’t think you will make a mistake if you get one.

08. Aicook Reverse Function Celery Juicer Machine

The next one on my list of the best celery juicing machine is the Aicook Reverse Function celery juicer Machine.

It is one of the excellent juicers for celery that maintains the highest nutritional value. It rotates with the speed of 80 RPM which slowly and effectively extracts the juices in a way that keeps the nutritional value pretty much undistorted.

Moreover, it is capable of maintaining a higher juice yield without building up much heat. You can juice up both fruits and vegetables. Another great aspect of this juicer that I’d like to mention is the capacity for extracting fibrous fruits & vegetables of all kinds including celery, wheatgrass, etc.

The ease of operation has been prioritized while this amazing juicer was being designed and also it was kept in mind that it doesn’t cause any complication while cleaning it up after the juicing is done.

The level of noise has always been a priority while making better celery juicers and this one wasn’t an exception in this manner either. It has been kept within the minimum level so that it doesn’t cause any irritation generated from the noise.

Another aspect that makes it more compatible with any of the regular households is its ease of assembling. Anyone with the regular knowledge with a juicer can get it assembled in minutes.

What makes it worth buying

  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It doesn’t make much of a noise.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Ensures high juice yield.


  • Sometimes it leaves a little pulp, but it is not any major problem.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

Aicook Reverse Function celery juicer Machine is an ideal juicer for any of the modern family and capable of giving an expected performance.

09. Hamilton Beach Juicer

If you are looking for the cheapest, but yet the great juicer for celery, then Hamilton Beach Juicer is the one that I’d like to suggest you get.

This juicer can get you healthy juice of different fruits and vegetables just in a matter of seconds. One of the best things about this juicer is you get it assembled by yourself without much of a hazard along with the large pulp bin.

It has a high juice spout, which funnels the juice to any of the glass or container that you want that comes with a variety of sizes.

Moreover, it has the stainless steel cutter that gets you the juices within a very small amount of time.

The manufacturers have made sure that any of the regular users can get the assembling done all by themselves as it has an amazingly easy process of assembling the juicer and neither posses any kind of difficulty in the cleaning process.

If you are thinking of getting the juices out of bigger fruit, then you can be sure that this juicer is going to be a big help on that as well.

What makes it worth buying

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Bigger fruits can be juiced easily.
  • It takes less prep time.


  • If you are too much noise sensitive, you might find it a little unattractive.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

The Hamilton Beach Juicer is surely an ideal choice if you are looking for the cheapest juicer for celery juicer with efficient performance.

10. KOIOS EMGEL Motor Celery Juicer

Last but not the least on my list is the KOIOS EMGEL Motor celery juicer that has been able to ensure the perfect juicing performance so far.

The first aspect of the juicer that I’d like to mention about this is the versatile capability of juicing not only fruits but also another vegetable which includes ginger, leafy, or any other hard vegetables.

Moreover, it is good at maintaining higher nutritional value, which is indeed one of the major requirements of any of the customers who are looking for a good juicer.

The good thing is, it is capable of rendering juice yield of up to 80%, which is indeed a good number of percentage comparing with a lot of regular juicers out there.

Most of the juicers that you will see around are quite heavy for carrying around and once you put it on the countertop, it’s often a little difficult to move it around.

Keeping that in mind, this juicer has been made in a way that you can carry it around as the weight of this one kept light enough to ease up the portability.

What makes it worth buying

  • Anyone can quickly assemble it.
  • It operates quietly.
  • It doesn’t cause any hazard in cleaning up.
  • It is very light and easy to carry anywhere.


  • It is better to cut white grasses to avoid it from spinning around the auger.


Editor Score

Final Verdict

Choosing a perfect juicer is not easy with hundreds of variations in the same product, but when you know there is a KOIOS EMGEL Motor celery juicer within your grip, I think you won’t have to continue your search anymore.

Consideration for Buying Celery Juicer: Way to pick up the best one

Now comes the hardest part! The buying decision part. Yeah! I know, you must be thinking that what if you choose a wrong one this time.

In that case, I really don’t think you need to worry about it, because I am here for you and I surely am not going to let you pick you any random juicer that will get you pissed off at the end of the day.

So, let’s check how you are going to get your best juicer this time.

Need analysis

Focus on your need first!

First thing’s first! Like any other purchase, you will have to focus on what you need on that one as well. Getting the best juicer is only possible when you know why you are getting the juicer for and what can make the best for you.

Not everyone looking for a juicer with the same purpose. Not everyone thinks of making juice out of the vegetables, some are only focused on some specific fruits.

So, what will be best for them is getting a juicer that will make perfect juice of those fruits only? Likewise, you will have to find out, why you are looking for a juicer.

So, whenever you will be there and looking for something specific, then it will be easier for you to match it with the criteria.


Not every one of them can serve you!

Yeah, I mean it! You will get to see that there are a variety of types of juicers. So, you need to pick the one that will serve you in a way that you want to.

For example, if you are looking for a juicer only for citrus fruits, then you better choose a citrus juicer. But for celery that one is surely not even an option.

So, now the options left for you are centrifugal juicer, Masticating juicer, and Twin-gear juicer. All these juicers are perfectly functional for both fruits and vegetables.

Now, it is up to you which one you think is the most compatible one with purpose.

The thing is the budget will also vary on the basis of the type, so you will have to choose the type that will be perfect according to your usage and will be affordable at the same time well.


Remember, your pocket has a bottom!

I know, most of us pretty much don’t like the word ‘Budget’. After all, it indicates our limitation of spending. But the fact is, it is not that much, you know!

Because this is how we can keep things on the line. So, when you have made your mind for the new juicer, make sure that you have enough budget to grab that.

As I mentioned earlier, the budget is related to the type of juicer you are choosing. So, when you are making a budget for your new juicer, you will have to ensure that you are not thinking about paying for a juicer that will offer you impressive but unnecessary features.

You will have to choose the best juicer for celery that will both contain the right features for use and will also fit within your budget.

Ease of usage

You are buying a juicer, not any plane!

No matter whatever you are buying for your kitchen, ease of usage surely matters. Look! When you are buying a juicer, what you will look for in the first place?

Obviously, if it is easy to make juices on it. So, check if the juicer you have chosen is easy to operate or not. Because if it is not, then it will complicate things for you more than easing up.

It will waste more of your time rather than saving it. This is why you better choose a juicer that comes with easier function.

The cons of having a juicer with complicated processes are, firstly, it will take more time. Secondly, it might get irritated at times. Thirdly, not people of all age might be able to use.

So, when it comes to getting a juicer for family use, choosing a juicer with easy function is, undoubtedly, important.

Ease of assembling

You are not thinking about spending the whole day on it, right?

Too much complication in assembling kitchen appliances has always been discouraged by the regular people who use this stuff. At first glance, some might think that a juicer should be easy to assemble for getting it on the operational mode.

But the truth is, it is related to some other facts as well.

Let me clarify the things a bit more for you. Any of the juicers should contain the feature easy assembling and the reason is the easier it will be to assemble, the sooner it will get functional.

On the contrary, it will be complicated to assemble it will cause the user nothing but excessive consumption of installation time and irritation as well.

Moreover, the portability of the juicer to a huge extent depends on that as well. For example, you are thinking about shifting from one house to another, it might not possible for you to carry the whole juicer to the other location as the risk of getting damaged is also involved over here.

So, in such you might have to disassemble the juicer. If it will be difficult to assemble, it will cause you some extra hazards and irritation in this manner. So it is better from all the perspectives to ensure that the juicer you are choosing comes with the ease of assembling.

Ease of Cleaning

Make sure it’s not going to be a pile of work!

When you are buying a juicer, you surely are not thinking about leaving it dirty on your counter right after you make your favorite juice.

So, you better keep that in mind that you will have to get one that will be easy to clean up along getting you the perfect juice. The ease of assembling and disassembling is actually kind of related to this.

The reason is, you can’t always wash or clean the juicer as a whole. So, at the time you might have to disassemble it part by part to clean it up properly.


Look for a juicer, not a jet engine!

For obvious reasons, almost all of us hate noise and for the same reason, we love machines that don’t cause noise. The same thing is applicable as well when it comes to celery juicer.

Yeah, you might love having fresh juice but getting a juicer with loud noise can never be a good choice no matter how good it is in making juices.

So, when you are almost there to make your final decision about getting your desired juicer, make sure it maintains the lowest noise level while juicing.

Modes of speed

prioritize your preference first!

Having different speed modes from a primary perspective is surely a good thing as you can change them on the basis of your preference. But you might not be needing much of variation when you are getting the juicer for just one or two specific fruits.

If you are more of a person who likes variations in food, then you better get a juicer that comes to different speed modes. The reason for so is, not all vegetables or fruit can get juiced up with the same kind of speed.

So, if there is a variation in speed modes, it becomes easier for you to assure compatibility with different fruits and vegetables for juicing.


Know if you can move it easily or not!

That is a part not mandatory for all to consider, but yet being portable for a juicer, indeed, is a positive aspect as some of us may need to take the juicer to some other places at times like when it is picnic or family get together.

So, if you have anything in mind like that, you better keep that in mind that the juicer needs to portable enough to take from one place to another with ease.

Weight & Size

Ensure that you’re having a juicer, not a boulder!

Yes, weight and size matters! At first glance, you might be thinking that why is it so important if it is good at making juice. Yeah! Performance comes first, but that doesn’t you will get any juicer that is humongous and heavy.

After all the outlook and portability depends to a higher extent on these two. So, it will be a smarter step if you just choose one that will be of a size that won’t take too much space on your counter, neither heavy enough to move from one place to another.


The quantity matters here as well!

Last but not least, it is the yield that you can never compromise with. Having great yield indeed is an indicator of a juicer is a good one.

The fact is, the yield portion is kind of directly related to the nutrition part. The more yield you are going to get, the more nutrition is ensured to be extracted from the fruits and vegetables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it better to cut white grasses into pieces for better juice?

Answer: Celery juicer is often meant to ensure the best of the extraction from the vegetables and they are often pretty good at it as well.

But still, there is something that we need to keep it in mind that it is a machine and anything should be avoided that can cause any problem with the juicing.

If you leave the whole white grasses in the juicer without cutting them into pieces. You surely would like to avoid it spinning around the auger.

How Yield is related to nutrition when it comes to celery juicer?

Answer: The answer is actually pretty obvious. The more extraction equals to the nutrition over here. So, if the juicer is generating more yield out of the fruits and vegetables, this means it also ensures the maximum amount of nutrition here as well.

But if you see that the juicer is not being able to ensure the maximum extraction, then you can be sure that a portion of nutrition remaining inside the fruit that has not been able to be extracted.

Which one should be chosen? Slow with no noise or fast with noise?

Answer: The answer is actually depending on how and why you are going to use it. For example.

If you are looking for a juicer that will extract the maximum nutrition out of the fruit and vegetable, but you don’t need to rush for it, then you better choose the slow one because as the juicer extracts at low speed it does the work perfectly and due to having low RPM it doesn’t make much of noise either.

So, if you like it quiet and accurate, then you better go with the ‘slow and noise-free’ one.

But when you are running a commercial space like a restaurant or juice bar and you are bound to serve fast or in any other case like, you are always in hurry, then you better choose the one which juices faster though it may make some noise.

What to do if the juicer vibrates too much and moves from its place?

Answer: Excessive vibration is never good for any of the machinery. If you have the chance, before buying any juicer check its vibration level.

But if your existing juicer is vibrating too much, then first check if the vibration is being caused by anything unusual like a malfunctioning.

If so, then take it to a mechanic who can get it fixed. But if the vibration is being caused by its regular operation, then you better get a rubber mat under the juicer that it doesn’t move.

Yet if you think the vibration is too much to handle, you better replace it with a good one.

End Thoughts

The first and foremost condition of having good health is good food and hereby the term, good food I am not meaning foods that are only rich in taste but also in nutrition, vitamins, minerals & enzymes as well.

As a part of that ‘good food chain’ I have always prioritized the right drinks and as a part of that segment vegetables and fruit juices are holding their appeal to the health-conscious people for a while as a part of their practice of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I hope and expect that this article of mine has been helpful for you to ease up your search for the best celery juicer. And I also hope that all of your dilemmas are just some dust of past.

Wishing you a healthy life with the best choices that you are going to make with your lovely juicer.

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