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Omega bmj330 Reviews

Omega bmj330 Reviews of 2020

Omega is popular for its different kitchen appliances, mostly beverage gadgets. The topmost juicers from Omega are masticating slow speed juicers.

The Omega BMJ330 is a centrifugal juicer for the users who want fresh juice in their glass immediately. In this Omega BMJ330 Reviews, we’ll point out the key features and facts that make this juicer useful, practical and distinct from the other ones.

Some prefer slow speed juicers whereas other users prefer the centrifugal ones for their high power and speed. Both kinds of juicers have their own distinct plus points and efficiencies.

It’s upon the user’s preferences of what kind of juicer they want for their kitchen.

Technical Specification of The Omega bmj330

Juicer TypeCentrifugal
ColorMatt Silver
Motors½ Horsepower
WattsAround 350
Speed12000 RPM
MaterialStainless Steel
Feeding ChuteRound (3 Inches)
VoltsAround 120
Weight16 lbs.



  • Durable and long-wearing
  • Premium Quality stainless steel material
  • Superfast centrifugal motor
  • 12000 RPM Speed
  • Vertical Design
  • Elegance and classy looks
  • External pulp ejection
  • Bigger feeding chute
  • Large pulp capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Convenience in use.


  • The pulp is not completely dry
  • Sometimes it gets warm.


Here, we will discuss some points on the Omega BMJ330 for you to get a brief knowledge about the product and decide whether to choose this one as your daily use juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicers are different from masticating slow speed ones. Where slow speed masticating juicers have a dual press system to push the most out of the fruits but can be very slow.

A glass of juice can take too much time to produce. In centrifugal juicers, speed is the most promising thing. And the Omega BMJ330 is one of the finest centrifugal juicers that Omega has.

Centrifugal juicers have a high motor power and higher RPM than masticating juicers, they tend the blend the product and then strain it to get the right amount of juice from it.

With a speed of 12000 RPM, you can easily imagine the speed that it delivers. The juicer is suitable for users who want to have fresh juice every day but do not want to wait that long for it.

Considering its power and speed this is one of the most promising centrifugal juicers from Omega among different other ones from them.

Large Chute Size

Another fact that makes this juicer a faster one than others is that it has a large feeding mouth with is also known as a chute. It is a very time consuming and tiring process of cutting the fruit into very small pieces before putting it inside the mouth of the juicer.

As most of the juicers have a very tiny feeding opening, before the juicing process you have to go through the tiring and monotonous process of cutting the fruit into tiny little pieces.

But in the case of the Omega BMJ330, the feeding chute is enough large to accommodate huge fruit pieces at once or sometimes the whole fruit. So there is a lot less time of preparation for making juices.

Thus, you can enjoy fresh juice whenever you want even you to have very little time in your hands.

Pulp Capacity

The container that holds the pulp has a higher capacity. This way you don’t have to pause your juicing process every now and then and clean up the container and then start over.

This is useful when you are making juice for a number of people or you are using the juicer for commercial purposes. The juicer does not only have a higher speed but also has higher pulp holding capacity, this way you are getting the facility in many ways that your juice is right at the glass whenever you feel like.

During the whole juicing process, you have to clear up the pulp collector once or barely two times even you are making juice in very large quality. This ultimately saves you both time and work.

Stainless steel for durability

The body of the Omega BMJ330, even the filter is made out of solid stainless steel material. This does not only contribute to its power but also makes it very durable.

No matter how efficient your juicer is, there has to be a certain period of time your juicer works for you. If your juicer works properly of stays in a good shape for a limited time only and shows trouble only after a few days of working, then the juicer is not up to the mark and definitely not worth your money.

But in the case of Omega BMJ330, this will not be an issue to worry about. The quality material that is used in the juicer makes it very durable and efficient enough to perform the same impressive way for a very long period of time.

Good quality sifter or filter

The sifter of filter used in the Omega BMJ330 is made of premium quality stainless steel material. The material will not rust or bend through time.

Sometimes some juicers offer good parts and promise speed and efficiency but the sifter quality is very poor. The filter tends to get clogged over the time of juicing and thus resulting in less amount of juice.

This happens when the sifter is not made with good material or the sifter is not made properly in shape.

As a result, when juicing you have to clean up the sifter after a certain period of time, this creates interruption between the whole juicing process and not only slows down the whole juicing process but also creates a hassle for you by increasing your task.

But the Omega BMJ330, will not give you that hassle as once you start the juicer you get the same flow of juice till the end thanks to the premium stainless-steel material and properly built sifter and filter.

Vertical compact design

Most of the popular juicers of Omega are horizontally designed for efficiency and proper use. But the Omega BMJ330 is a vertical designed juicer that also is in a compact shape that fits in most of the counter spaces.

The vertical shape makes it easy to use for many users as they prefer that way also a vertical shaped gadget takes a lot less space in your kitchen counter rather than a vertical one.

This way you can make this juicer one of the daily use kitchen appliances as the reason behind its regular use is also its high speed. So, you don’t have to bother to take it out and put it back again every day for every single use.


A lot of facts and features need to be studied before buying any product as well as a good juicer for your kitchen. Some features are found helpful and practical for some of the users while some find the same function not that much in use.

There are many different styles and functions of a juicer and you need somewhat idea about the features to know what type of juicer you actually want.

In this Omega BMJ330 review, we have tried to cover the basic ideas about the product that will help you with your query about the perfect juicer.

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