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Omega NC800 Review

Omega NC800 HDS Review [An Awesome Juicer]

There is nothing like a fresh glass of juice of your favorite fruits or veggies. But squeezing them by hand can prove to be a tedious task when you need to do several things at a time.

Also, processed juices which we but from stores do not contain the nutrients that freshly squeezed juices do.

So, for this, you need a good quality juicer that can extract the maximum amount from your fruits and veggies while making the least amount of pulp as possible.

And the Omega NC800 Juicer is one of the great options you can choose from.

Omega NC800HDS Juicer Review

Let’s go through a small omega nc800 review to get an overview of the whole product in a glance,

It’s a slow speed masticating juicer which extracts the maximum amount of juice using its powerful motor which produces power which is analogous to two horsepower motors. So there is worry about putting whatever fruits or vegetables you prefer.

From hard to soft any fruits and vegetables can easily turn into juice because of its powerful motors. The Omega brand is famous for its parts that they are using int the juicer. If you prefer the celery based good quality juicer then check for it.

There are mainly two colors of this specific variant which are, silver which is also known as the omega NC800HDS juicer, and the red one which is the NC800HDR juicer.

Both are pretty colors to go with your kitchen but different people have different sorts of ideas regarding kitchen interiors, thus these two colors can be two different options to go with according to different kitchen interiors.


Technical Features of the Omega NC800

Juicer TypeMasticating
Weight13 pounds approximately
Material BPA free plastic
MotorsTwo (80 RPM each)
Power150 watts
Color optionsTwo: Silver & Red
ChuteOval (2 inches)
Noise ProductionLow
Food Safe MaterialYes
Dishwasher SafeYes


Considering the Omega NC800 HDS review, here are some of the pros and cons.


  • Maximum juice extraction
  • Easy to clean
  • Leakage proof
  • Good for new users
  • Can be used for both hard and soft food items
  • Less sound production
  • Minimization of oxidization in food
  • It can be used to prepare a variety of other foods other than juice.


  • Slower than centrifugal juicers
  • Good space needed


The juice its pitcher like and has a handle to it, and the pulp container is a bowl-like design. All the plastic that is used in this equipment including the containers is BPA free. So your food is safe from plastic contamination.

Sometimes you need to cut your fruits or vegetables in very small pieces so that it can fit the feeding chute of your juicer easily. But in the case of the Omega NC800HDS, you don’t have to take this hassle.

The feeding chute of this juicer is much larger than other ones and oval in spare. This 2-inch diameter chute makes it easy to insert food items easily. So, less work as you don’t have to worry about the size of the food items you are putting in.

One of the distinct features of this juicer is that the end cap concluded with it has five different pressure settings. Different numbers of settings are helpful for different kinds of food articles you want to put inside the juicer.

If you want to have fresh juice you surely want all the nutrients in the juice intact. This is the main difference between juice prepared by hand in a food processor and store-bought packaged juices.

Why compromise on the nutrition quotient if you are making your juice by yourself. Some juicers fast-moving auger and other parts sometimes tend to build up oxidization in the food thus harming the natural vitamins and minerals it has. But with this juicer, it is not an issue.

This juicer has a slow-moving auger that is 80 RPM. It minimizes oxidize production thus the natural minerals and vitamins stay intact.

Including a larger than before juicer screen. It lets you strain out the bits you don’t want in your juice. Made out of stainless steel material this screen is durable enough to withstand and hard fruits or vegetables or any other food items you want to put inside.

In this type of juicer, there is a continuous friction factor, if not used with good quality parts, it can disrupt the whole juicing procedure. Also, the continuous friction of hard food items or some hard bits in those items can hamper the steel surface. Thus, it can turn out to be an extra botheration.

So, to prevent such situations, you should go for a good quality stainless steel screen like the Omega Model.

This juicer is said to be efficient enough to squeeze out even the last bit of juice. Thus the pulp which is remaining has less to no moisture in it.

This way there is no chance of a sticky mess inside of the machine itself as most of the juice is been extracted. Also, there is an anti-leakage feature so that whilst juicing there is no spillage or wastage of juice.

Let’s summer up the key features of the Omega NC800HDS once:

  1. Dual horsepower motors
  2. 80 RPM slow speed juicer
  3. Masticating style juicer
  4. Five different pressure settings for pulp extraction
  5. Comes in two different color options
  6. BPA free plastic parts
  7. Stainless steel durable screen.


Important FAQs

How to assemble the Omega NC800?


  1. Combine the motor with the drum and hopper.
  2. Plug-in the auger
  3. Put the stainless steel screen in place
  4. Connect the blank end cap which is the pressure cap
  5. For other preparations use the required nuzzles as usual

Is cleaning the Omega NC800 a tough to do?

Answer: With its leakage proof feature, the juicer makes it as less mess as possible. As the juicer makes the maximum amount of juice possible there is a lot less moisture left from the machine itself.

Thus the cleaning up process is very easy and almost hassles free. With the help of water and soap, the remaining bits can be easily cleaned.

How many color options are there?

Answer: There are mainly two color options; one is the Omega NC800 HDS which is the grayish silver-toned one. And the other one is the NC800 HDR which is the vibrant red one.

Two colors provide completely different looks to go with different kitchen interiors.

What is Omega NC800 best for?

Answer: Can be used for a variety of fruits and vegetables, but because of its auger design and the masticating system, it can be used for all kind of fruits and vegetables including leafy greens which are tough to juice in fast-moving centrifugal juicers which are popular for their speed.

A masticating system juicer uses its auger to crush things and extract as much juice as possible. So, this juicer is best for any kind of food item from leafy greens to soft fruits like oranges and even tough ones like coconuts.

Does the Omega NC800 HDS make too much noise?

Answer: Compared to other centrifugal juicers, this juicer makes a lot less sound because of its 80 RMP slow rotating motor there is less sound as possible.

But it is not totally noised free. It makes sounds but that is bearable enough. The sound remains inside the kitchen, and will supposedly not become a matter of disturbance to anyone.

Is the Omega NC800 HDS durable enough?

Answer: This juicer is made of good quality plastic which is also said to be BPA free therefore safe to come in direct contact with food. Also the metal parts are made of stainless steel which makes it durable enough to undergo a very long life.

There are fewer changes in the product chipping or cracking issue.

What else can you do with NC800 HDS apart from juicing?

Answer: There are a lot of things you can do with this juicer. Not only it is versatile for making various kinds of juices but also you can prepare a lot of other things with it. From making fruit and vegetable puree, sorbets, soy milk, baby foods, etc. You can also put tough things inside of it like grinding coffee or crushing nuts. You can also make your homemade pasta using its different attachments.


Living life can be a lot easier when you get to have fresh homemade juice every day whenever you feel like. And, living life can be a bit more relaxing when you don’t have to worry about the juicing process to be tedious and time-consuming.

Omega NC800, it there to help you with not only preparing fresh juices but also making other food items easily like, nut butter, baby food, fruit puree, soy milk.

It can also be used to make pasta and grind coffee. So, you can definitely make it a part of your kitchen without any doubt as it serves you many purposes being a common appliance.

Hopefully going through this Omega NC800 HDS juicer review will provide you with the right information you need.

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